11th Anniversary of 9 11 – Where Were You?

11th Anniversary of 9/11 - Where Were You

11th Anniversary of 9 11 – Where Were You When It Happened?

I remember vividly where I was, I was driving to an appointment I had scheduled at a Starbucks in Irvine California

I got a phone call from the person I was supposed to meet and she told me to tune into the radio stations to hear about what was going on.

When I heard about the planes crashing into the world trade Towers I just couldn't believe it I thought it was a movie trailer to the next diehard movie.

Needless to say, when I got my appointment was very difficult to talk about any business we had formerly discussed.

11th anniversary of 9 11 – Remembering

What a strange feeling it was after I discovered what had happened in New York.

Was it the beginning of World War III? Are there going to be more attacks ? Are we safe anymore? Was it the end of the inherited free world that we knew?

I'm sure you had a million questions going through your head when this happened. More importantly, how did it make you feel when the 9/11 tragedy occurred?

Take a moment to look back to the day it happened and try to remember how it made you feel.


11th anniversary of 9 11 – Honor


Here are a few questions that I would like to hear you answer on.

  • What kind of impact didn't make upon you? 
  • What did you do right after you heard about the 9/11 incident?
  • Did it make you think differently?
  • Did what happened on 9/11 give you a new perspective on things?  
  • How does the 911 experience make you feel today?
  • What kind of impact do you think it still makes in the world today?

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