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1. the habits, attitudes, tastes, moral standards, economic level, etc., that together constitute the mode of living of an individual or group.

In sharing the definition of lifestyle, we believe that all of the attributes in which our lives are created and experienced are in our control.

It all falls under our own personal preferences and style.


The New Lifestyle Secrets Story

In 2008, New Lifestyle Secrets was originally founded by a head trauma survivor, who came back from a near death accident with a passion to living out many dreams and create true purpose in his second chance at living a fulfilled life.



To entertain, inspire and create a movement with at least one million people to retreat from the norms, to have more life adventures and to live a lifestyle by design, not by default.


Have you asked yourself these questions lately?

  • Am I fully enjoying my lifestyle?
  • Am I making the kind of money that I want to make?
  • Do I get fulfillment from the work I do?
  • Am I in a relationship with the right partner?
  • Am I taking the vacations that I want?
  • Am I engaging and spending enough quality time with my friends and family?
  • Do I have control over my time and what I’d like to be doing with my time?
  • Am I living with Passion?
  • Am I living with Purpose?
  • Am I living without limits and giving it my all to have the most amazing life experience possible? If not, why? 

We could go on, but there is enough meat in these questions for you to chew on now.


What We Do

Post articles on New Lifestyle topics including:

  • Lifestyle News
  • Travel
  • Making Money
  • Spirituality
  • Diet
  • Interviews
  • Personal Stories
  • Reviews
  • How To


We also host New Lifestyle Mastermind retreats for entrepreneurs and lifestyle connoisseurs. Our exclusive retreats will be held in exciting travel destinations abroad and in the U.S.

Our retreats include mastermind sessions with brilliant people, adventure sports, natural beauty, nightlife and cultural attractions.

New Lifestyle Secrets caters to distinguished VIPs and prominent social figures, including professional athletes, entrepreneurs, CEOs, presidents and national/local celebrities. This means You!

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