Sandro Marino - Founder

About Founder – Sandro Marino

"I believe that this life experience is too short and it shouldn't be constrained by limited free time, income or be something we endure (to put up with something or somebody unpleasant). We were blessed to be born into this body with a consciousness that can truly feel and share amazing experiences. If you are not living the dream, then you are missing the ride of your life."

Sandro Marino is a dual citizen of the U.S., Argentina and quasi resident of Brazil. He is a speaker of 3 languages, English, Spanish, Portuguese and gets by with Italian.

Being raised in the family Italian restaurant business in Los Angeles, California, Sandro served in every capacity to help guests have the best experiences in their establishments. Through his involvement, he had developed a passion for sharing other great experiences in life.

Also very athletic at a young age, basketball, skateboarding, biking, snow skiing and surfing were Sandro's favorite sports. At 19 years of age he moved to Mammoth Lakes, CA to become a ski instructor at Mammoth Mountain. He fell in love with the mountain life and decided to stay the summer season for rock climbing, back country trips, fishing and mountain bike riding.

In 1992, Sandro was hit by a truck while riding his mountain bike. This near death accident had left him in a state of coma.

Once Sandro regained consciousness, he found himself without 30% of his cranium, not being able to speak, walk, eat or drink any fluids.

Through the support of God, medical science, family and friends, Sandro was able to overcome tremendous life altering challenges to accomplish things his doctors could not deem possible.

Accomplishments in the Second Life

  • Print Model in Las Vegas, agent Jackie Baskow

Sandro in model shape
  • Personal Fitness Coach for 3 years certified through ACE (American Council on Exercise) and NASM (National Academy of Sports Medicine) 
  • Commercial Realtor with Marcus & Millichap Real Estate Investment Services
  • Top producing Executive Director, group presenter and trainer in a NYSE listed company
Sandro Marino - Top Producer Award

In 2004, after years of living in the rat-race, Sandro decided to hit the "reset-button". He had fallen out of alignment with how he wanted to live and experience life. He was living in a manic state of constant hustle and stress, which took its toll on his health, relationships and business. So he changed his paradigm by looking at what was taking his energy and what the real trade off was. He then let go of the things that were not fulfilling and was truly passionate about. 

Taking sabbatical was an option that Sandro had thought about for a long time and now was the time. He got rid of his car and put everything into storage to begin his journey. The goal was to regain his health and overall sense of well being.

Adventure sports and long-term travel were two passions that he felt were going to re-energize his spirit and really get that feeling back of truly feeling Alive!

Along the way Sandro visited family and friends all over the Americas, rebuilt neglected relationships and made new life-long friendships.

Other Accomplishments

Expert snow skier, nationally certified ski instructor through the PSIA (Professional Ski Instructors of America)

 Sandro Marino - Ski Instructor

Traveled throughout 10 countries and became a Dual Citizen of Argentina and the U.S.

Dual Citizenship

Arranged Retreats in Argentina and Brazil