Andrrea Hess Interview - Financial Psychic for Conscious Entrepreneurs

Andrrea Hess Interview – Financial Psychic for Conscious Entrepreneurs

Andrrea Hess Interview – Financial Psychic for Conscious Entrepreneurs

I want to take a few minutes of your time to introduce you to Andrrea Hess. I had the pleasure of meeting her at an I Love Marketing meetup that Joe Polish put's on at his home office in Tempe, Arizona.

Andrrea Hess is a financial psychic, spiritual teacher, author and speaker. She works with highly conscious entrepreneurs who want to create a new financial reality for themselves, helping them create a six-figure income in a way that is highly authentic and aligned to their spiritual path. Can you dig that? I knew that you could! :)

Andrrea Hess Interview - Financial Psychic for Conscious Entrepreneurs

A Big Thing That Stood Out About Andrrea Hess

She believes it's really not about the money – even though she's madly, passionately in love with all things manifesting, especially helping her clients manifest money!

She states, "Creating financial abundance allows us to stand in the fullness of our free will and self-determination and make the choices we WANT to make. Money allows us the freedom of authentic, impeccable Divine self-expression."

In which I agree 110%!

Interesting enough, her own journey to a multi-six-figure business began as an opera singer…where she got to experience first-hand what it was like to be a “starving artist.”

She also felt inspired to study massage therapy – at the time, she told herself that it was a practical job that she could do between singing gigs – and found that actually helping people feel better was infinitely more satisfying to her than standing on stage. She specialized in helping clients with chronic pain issues.

Ok, now we're going on tangents, right? Well, yes and no. Be sure to watch the interview in it's entirety to learn what the tie is between Andrrea's opera signing, massage therapy and being a psychic is to her helping people reach new levels in their business, personal lives and growing their bank account.

We did the interview at her new home, or "estate" so I called her 6,000 sqft property just outside of Phoenix.

She will soon be doing retreat there with her clients, so be sure to visit Andrrea Hess here:

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P.S. Here's the scene in the Woody Allen movie 'To Rome With Love' that I was referencing at the beginning of the interview about the opera singer in the shower, it's hilarious! Enjoy! :)

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  • Jessica Sage

    Andrrea certainly is the BEST at what she does!