Sean Malarkey Interview | Twitter Marketing | Video Marketing

Sean Malarkey interview, he's a pro at Twitter Marketing, now big on Video Marketing  with James Wedmore & Lewis Howes. Video Traffic Academy is a kick-ass course that teaches YouTube techniques and strategies to master YouTube rankings and dominate your competitors.

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Interview with PowerUp Social Media

I had a great visit with PowerUp Social Media group, Tim, Eric & Joe. These guys have are on a roll and have some great tips in this exclusive interview. They created a social media video training program for real estate investors and professionals who want to build their businesses and find more buyers and…

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What is Video Marketing? Interview with James Wedmore | Video Marketing Online

  James Wedmore is a great guy and an expert on video marketing strategies. He knows YouTube marketing how to use YouTube views to make a killing! We also touched on a little secret that James likes to incorporate into his videos, a hint on what he's working on next and the internet lifestyle which…

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Apple – Remembering Steve Jobs

A tribute on the loss of Steve Jobs: Not only have we lost a creative genius and visionary, the world has also lost an amazing human being. Life is way too short and I’ve come close to losing mine a couple times. The closest was when I was hit by a truck and suffered major…

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Fire in South Mission Beach

I was on my beach cruiser, enjoying the beautiful day on the beachfront boardwalk when I came across a two-alarm fire that tore through a South Mission Beach apartment building. It looks like the structure it totaled, but luckily causing no reported injuries. Was quite a show for sure, and a bizarre thing for me…

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Fiat Fun In Brazil

We were on a journey from the city of Recife, Brazil up to province of Natal in a rental car I got from a small business that let us take it one way up the coast. We had to cross deltas on ferries, where they served you ice cold beer right in your car for…

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Sandro Marino on a Morning Hike

Morning Hike, Meditation and Def Leopard?

I get a lot from getting up early and going out into mother-nature for a morning hike. It really helps me start off on the right foot, no pun intended I found a trail head in a Solana Beach neighborhood, and In the video there's a great view view from Holmwood Canyon of San Elijo…

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Dan Buettner: How to live to be 100+

Hi readers, I wanted to share with you this enlightening research video presentation by Dan Buettner on How to live to be 100+ I have personally resided in dozens of cities for extended periods of time over the last 7 years, in the U.S. and abroad. I fully immersed myself in many unique cultures, speaking…

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Cinco de Mayo, Tequila, Tex-Mex & Chelada?

Feliz Cinco de Mayo! Here's to fine Tequila, Tex-Mex and Clamato!! I just got back from a suburban Cinco de Mayo experience at Chevy's in Solana Beach. At first, I wasn't happy about only having a chain Mexican restaurant close to my place. A far cry from me back in the Porto de Angeles (Port…

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Fortaleza Brazil with Sandro Marino

“Best Job in the World” (Not In Queensland!)

A few years ago, The Queensland Board of Tourism posted a video application for the "Best Job in the World". You might remember it, there was a viral buzz about the opportunity. They offered to hire a host for a 6 month contract to document the experience on Hamilton Island and broadcast it to the world.…

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