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Happy New Year friends!!!

I wanted to share a New Lifestyle Secrets tip with you for 2012.

*Record on video as many things you do that you are passionate about and post them on your Blog or Facebook wall.

Reasons Why:

  1. Videos are better than pictures because it brings to life the dynamic and feel of what was happening. We mostly don't remember what was said during the episodes in our lives, we remember more so how we feel, but with video we can recall it all :)
  2. It will remind you of why you are here and to do what you want often. It will keep you from burning out.
  3. It will remind why you need to tailor your work-life around the things you really love to do.
  4. Sharing it with your friends will make you a rock star, because you are showing that you are living your dream!
  5. You will inspire others to do the same.
  6. You will keep inspiring yourself to keep going, to follow your passions and never ever stop!
  7. You will make more friends and build your social network, because enthusiasm is contagious and it draws people in.
  8. It will help you build the right kind of business for you by drawing in like minded business partners.

Ok, I'm done for now. It's time for my workout.

If there are any other reasons you think that you should record the best of you on video please leave your comments below!

Yours in courage, discovery and success!

Sandro Marino

Author Sandro Marino

Sandro Marino - Dual Citizen, Multilingual, World Traveling Serial Entrepreneur, Concierge, Speaker, Coach, Blogger, Health & Fitness Guru, Expert Snow Skier, Surfer & Beach Lover

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