Fortaleza Brazil with Sandro Marino

“Best Job in the World” (Not In Queensland!)

A few years ago, The Queensland Board of Tourism posted a video application for the "Best Job in the World". You might remember it, there was a viral buzz about the opportunity. They offered to hire a host for a 6 month contract to document the experience on Hamilton Island and broadcast it to the world. The pay, $100,000.00 dollars!

So I thought, why the heck not? I created the video above with the help of my friend Darren Porter (Awesome Video Production Pro!). 

Well, with over 50,000 applicants to go through, they didn't hire me. So I hired myself and created

As in the 4 HR Work Week, I decided to write my own ticket. The only way to go, and my adventures in the last so many years have made Hamilton Island in Queensland, Australia pale in comparison!

If you want a true adventure travel experience, go to a country that #1 speaks another language! #2 Book your travel through an expat or an insider that can relate to you, knows where you're coming from and what you're looking to experience. With that understanding, you can rest assured that they're your people and really care about you and your adventure.

Fortaleza Brazil with Sandro Marino

The expat and/or insider can equally take you to the more well known sites, help make sure that you won't get ripped-off by the tourist traps and give you other tips and guidance on your journey which could be extremely valuable.

The true bonus with using an insider's guide is that they can hook you up with access to places that only locals know about, special places that aren't loaded with tourists and yet still amazing places to be! Being guided through "the jungle" with someone who knows the lay of the land and is on your side is invaluable!

I can't even begin to tell you how many stories I've heard about clueless travelers that have gotten lost, been robbed or have had some crazy incident happen because they knew little or nothing of the language, the culture or about traveling with grace and wisdom. There are so many subtleties of travel that aren't always written and in each different place, there are always unwritten rules to go by.

If you are in the least bit interested in taking a trip to Brazil or Argentina, please feel FREE to contact us for an insider's consultation.

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