Brazilian Day Arizona 2012

Brazilian Day Arizona 2012

A party which takes place in Tempe, Arizona and other cities around the world. It's being held on Saturday night , September 8th to celebrate Brazil's independence day.

This event is such a big deal that it makes part of the official calendar of New York city! 

I'm going to be at the Tempe location getting my Samba on, and if you are in the Phoenix area I encourage you to join me. Get info here Brazilian Day Arizona 2012

Discover Brazilian Culture from past to present featuring Live authentic Brazilian Bands, DJ's, Capoeira, Dance, Performances, Food, Drinks & more! Experience the true essence of Brazilian Culture right here in the valley of the sun! It's Independence Day the Brazilian Way!

Brazilian Day Arizona - Brazilian Independence Day

Brazilian Day

This is a great reminder of how much fun the Brazilian culture really is. I don't know of any other culture that can beat Brazil in their sense of celebration for living "a vida boa", the good life. Brazilians love to dance and it shows. While I was traveling throughout dozens of cities and provinces in Brazil, I would see people of all ages dancing the night away. It could have been at a restaurant where they cleared out some tables for room to dance, at Samba clubs, where I would see men in their 60's and older dancing with a dozen beautiful brazilian girls all night, amazing!

Aside from the dancing, they love to socialize in general. I've always found Brazilians to be super friendly and hospitible. Brazilian Day is getting me excited for our next trip to Brazil, coming soon!

Things have certainly changed since the first Brazilian Day. It has become a mega event, attracting over 1 Million people from across the US, from Brazil, and various other countries across the globe. Read more about he history here. Keeping with tradition there still are various stands with arts and crafts from Brazil, and delicious foods.

Brazilian Day is normally on a Sunday, the weekend of Labor Day, but the 2012 edition is being held in September.

I hope to see you at Brazilian Day Arizona 2012. If not, then I hope to see you on the beaches of Brazil.

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