Cismontane Brewing Company | Microbewery Tour | Beer Tasting

Last week we paid a visit to the new microbrewery Cismontane Brewing Company in Rancho Santa Martguerita, here in sunny Southern California. Very unassuming to look at the relatively small storefront from the outside, but when you walk in you can see into the back where all their beer making equipment is all in place and pumping out some delicious brew.

We were welcomed in and offered a seat at their tasting bar for a line up of their latest and greatest beers. My 2 favorites were the Double Rainbow IPA All The Way and the Belgian IPA.

You can catch them at different events as well, tomorrow, Saturday 1/29/11 they’ll be at the Farmers Harvest Beer Tasting  in Huntington Beach from 1-4pm for beer tasting and BBQ. Come on out to try a range of their beers from light to dark, hoppy to roasted.

For more info visit them at http://www.cismontanebrewing.com/

Hoppy trails!!!

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