Fiat Fun In Brazil

We were on a journey from the city of Recife, Brazil up to province of Natal in a rental car I got from a small business that let us take it one way up the coast. We had to cross deltas on ferries, where they served you ice cold beer right in your car for the ride over. Awesome!

After we landed from the final ferry we had to drive 4 kilometers on the breakwater to reach the next dirt road. So much fun, but we got stuck in the sand an Jose came to the rescue. He knew what to do to get us out of the hole and the trick was to let air out of the tires for driving on the sand. We discovered that this is what he did for work, he helped clueless tourists get unstuck after coming off the fairy then drove them to the next dirt road and ask for a donation. Then he get's a ride back from another local who does the same thing! They have the system down for sure.

The Recife weather is perfect year round and close to 300 sunny days a year! Recife beaches are beautiful and it was super fun driving through the surf.

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Author Sandro Marino

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