Fire in South Mission Beach

I was on my beach cruiser, enjoying the beautiful day on the beachfront boardwalk when I came across a two-alarm fire that tore through a South Mission Beach apartment building. It looks like the structure it totaled, but luckily causing no reported injuries.

Was quite a show for sure, and a bizarre thing for me was that as I was filming this event and panned around, there was my sister and her family sitting on a stairway to one of the apartment buildings behind me watching the fire too! She lives nowhere near this place, they were just picking up me nephew from a friends house whom lives across the street from where the fire was, weird!

Recently another strange encounter happened, I walk to a local pub to shoot a game of billiards and in the veranda was sitting a friend that I had not seen in 4 years. Not that’s uncommon, but what was interesting was that I knew him from a Summer I spent in Santa Barbara now we’re in San Diego at a neighborhood bar. Since we had seen each other last, I had traveled throughout 10 countries, lived in South America and now in San Diego. He had moved to Austin, Texas for a couple years, then home to Kentucky for a couple years, now living in San Diego 2 blocks from me! Strange how you can go to the other side of the planet from someone or something and come full circle to the same things, whether it be people, things or habits. Makes you think what is it about us that brings us back to places, things and habits that may not even be good for us? We could go on for ever with that!

Ok, I’m going on tangents! This subject in coming full circle to people, things or habits, good or bad, should be its own category! More on this for sure at a later date.

Yours in Discovery and Success,

Sandro Marino

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