GoDaddy Hacked And Down Like The Titanic

GoDaddy Hacked!

GoDaddy hacked and goes down like the Titanic today, taking uncountable websites down with them. 

GoDaddy, a Web-hosting and domain-registration corporation, confirmed that the websites and e-mail addresses it serves for small businesses were seeing breakdowns Monday, leading to concerns it fell victim to a hacker attack.

"We are experiencing problems," wrote CEO Scott Wagner on its website. "We understand this is impacting some customers, and we take this situation very seriously. Everyone at is working to restore all sites affected by this outage as soon as possible." The organization tweeted later that it's "making progress" as well as "some service has already been restored."

GoDaddy Hacked

GoDaddy Hacked 2012

The failures of hosted sites started about 1 p.m. ET, but GoDaddy was still in operation then. But by later afternoon, the company shut down its website and replaced it with the declaration of having problems.

Twitter profiles believed associated with hacking group Anonymous claimed responsibility, but its involvement wasn't verified.

GoDaddy, which serves more than 5 million sites, has been a subject of hackers, because it publicly backed federal anti-piracy legislation called the Stop Online Piracy Act, or SOPA.

Various popular opponents of the measure contended that the bill would stifle ingenuity and removed their domains from GoDaddy. "By using/supporting GoDaddy, you are supporting censorship of the Internet," read a message submitted Monday by a Twitter account believed to be affiliated with Anonymous.

Kenneth Borg, who operates in a Long Beach screen-printing company, informed the Associated Press that as well as two other sites were all the way down. "We run our entire business through websites and e-mails, so everything's down today," Borg stated.

"I'm definitely one for upsetting the establishment in some cases, and I understand that if (the hacker is) going after GoDaddy, he may have had many reasons for doing that," Borg said. "But I donâ??t think he realized that he was affecting so many small businesses."

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