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Gold Testing | What Gold Buyers Don’t Want You to Know

Sandro Marino Reveals Gold Testing Secrets

What Gold Buyers Don't Want You to Know

How to do your gold testing:

  1. Check for any tag in the jewelry, generally gold jewelry has common hallmarks like 916, 750, 18kt, 14kt, 10kt, etc. (Costume jewelry might not include such symbols.)  Use a magnet to see if it reacts. If it is drawn to the magnet solidly, it is NOT gold, if it has a light magnetic attractive force, it may be plated or impure. 100% pure gold does not react to a magnet. 
  2. If the item passes the magnet check, you will need to buy a nitric acid test kit on Amazon. Gold Platinum Silver Test Kit & 100 x 0.01g Digital Pocket Scale Acid testing kits run about $30 and are very simple to use. Rub your item securely on the testing stone that comes with the kit, get a single drop of acid onto the area you have just rubbed. If the area stays the same color, your item is gold. If it turns a yellow-orange shade it may be gold but a cheaper quality karat. If the area changes any other shade – it is not gold.
  3. Once you discover what karat of gold your jewelry is, write that down. Weigh the item in grams with a jewelers scale and write this down. Ex 21k – 24g
  4. Now go to to see what the current World Spot price is for gold per troy once. Divide the current  gold price by 31.1 (how many grams in a Troy ounce). There you see how much pure gold is worth per gram.
  5. Now take that price per gram and divide it by 24, then take the result and multiply it by the karat of the gold you have 21.
  6. Calculate that number and multiply by the gram weight of your item.
  7. Now you must subtract the commission a gold buyer will take, so you must know what percentage your buyer will pay ahead of time before you will get an exact return for yourself. So let's say they keep 20%, you then multiply your last number by .8 and this give you your return in cash.

Happy Gold Testing!

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