How To Take a Mid day Work Break

 Here I give you 5 Strategies to use for a healthy mid day break in your 8-10 hour work day.

  1. Talk a 30-60 minute walk.
  2. Meet a friend at a new place to eat. If a friend can't meet you out, then make a new one while you're at the new lunch spot. :)
  3. Go workout. Meet you workout partner at the gym or take that Yoga class you've been putting off. Namaste
  4. Take a Siesta! A mid day nap can recharge you big-time!
  5. Sunbathing and getting a tan! Casual exposure to the sun has moderate beneficial impacts, including the production of vitamin D by the body, help improve your mood and make you look sexy! 😉 Sun Tan Lotions & Potions

So mix up your mid day work breaks up a bit. These 5 strategies will give you something different to look forward to each day, by discovering new places, making new friends and feeling healthier and looking better!

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Please comment with any other mid day breaks you like to take or suggest, I'd love to hear it! Namaste

Author Sandro Marino

Sandro Marino - Dual Citizen, Multilingual, World Traveling Serial Entrepreneur, Concierge, Speaker, Coach, Blogger, Health & Fitness Guru, Expert Snow Skier, Surfer & Beach Lover

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