iPhone 5 Features - iPhone 5 News

iPhone 5 Features Revealed – iPhone 5 News

iPhone 5 Features Revealed- iPhone 5 News

The iPhone 5 features revealed, iPhone 5 News from New Lifestyle Secrets!

The iPhone has now become the most used object in your life. Wow!!

It's become the product that you have with you all the time.

With the unique relationship that you now have with your iPhone, Apple has taken changing the iPhone 5 features seriously.

"We didn't just want to make a new phone, we want to make a much better phone."

The new iPhone 5 features are the result of this approach, completely redesigned and for the first time ever they've increased the size of the display.

By making the display taller but not wider, you can see more of the content, but it still fits comfortably in your hand.

Even with the taller display the iPhone is still the thinnest lightest iPhone they've ever made

  • It's 18% thinner and 20% lighter than the previous iPhone.
  • Apple also incorporated the 4G LTE technology to the iPhone 5. LTE enables much faster downloads than the previous models through your cellular network.

Actually LTE can offer even faster downloads than the average Wi-Fi connectivity that you have at home.

  • Apple has also combined the data and voice chips to one, saving space inside the new iPhone 5.

They are also introducing the new Apple Design, A6 chip which is twice as fast as the previous chip.

It will give you a major increase in speed with everything you do on your iPhone 5. Thank you Apple, because streaming video just would not load fast enough on the old network.

The new A6 chip is so powerful that it not only increases the new iPhone 5 features performance, but also increases it's battery life (eight hours of talk time or web browsing).

iPhone 5 Features - iPhone 5 News


iPhone 5 Features Revealed – iPhone 5 News – Available September 21st

  • Being that they have designed a sleeker lighter iPhone, they had to re-create the connector. So they created the lightning connector, which is much smaller and reversible.
  • They also moved to a Sapphire lens cover, which is more durable and protects the optics better for a continued clear picture.

Apple claims that this product is beyond any other products that they have produced yet!

  • The maps application has been enhanced as well and has some amazing 3-D image capabilities.
  • It also has a new panorama picture capture feature that's pretty awesome.
  • You now can do more with Siri
  • Facebook is now integrated right into iOs6, so you can share anything directly from your apps.
  • A FaceTime call can be made now directly through your cellular network, so you can be on the move and away from your Wi-Fi network at home.

After all these great upgrades in functionality, it now boils down to design and how it feels in your hand.

Apple has gone to extraordinary lengths to make the iPhone 5 not only an extraordinary piece of technology, but also a beautiful piece of art.

  • The band around the edges is mirror image silver on the white phone, but on the black model it's black with a gleaming reflecting bezel. It looks awesome!
  • The back is aluminum now and the strips at the top and bottom of the back are made of glass. It's much better to allow the wireless signal through, but aside that benefit you can now tell which way is front as you get the thing out of your pocket.

Okay enough said about the new iPhone 5 features revealed, the iPhone 5 news is out.

The question now is, how soon are you going to get one for yourself and and why you think you need the latest model right now?

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