LA Cetto Wine Tasting Mourvèdre

LA Cetto Wine Tasting – Mourvèdre

LA Cetto Wine TastingMourvèdre

We had a fantastic day of wine tasting and Hanging out with new friends at the  LA Cetto winery here in the Valle de Guadalupe, Baja California, Mexico. 

Yet, the wine that we are tasting in the video is not a production of LA Cetto.

Sitara Monica Perez is a passionate new winemaker in the Valle de Guadalupe, Baja California and we're visiting her friend and partner in another wine production, Iker Turcott.

Iker is also a new winemaker, an accomplished chef and wine pairing expert. He is giving us his expert opinion on the Mourvèdre wine Sitara is creating.

LA Cetto Wine Tasting Mourvèdre - Sitara

Mourvèdre is a new varietal for me and is noted to be a very difficult grape to grow. I was very excited to get a taste of this delicate new wine. 

Mourvèdre (also known as Mataró orMonastrell) is a red wine grape variety that is grown in many regions around the world including the Rhône and Provence regions of France, the Valencia and Jumilladenominación de origins of Spain,California and Washington State and the Australian regions of South Australia and New South Wales. In addition to making red varietal wines, Mourvèdre is a prominent component in "GSM" blends where it is blended with Grenache and Syrah. The variety is also used to make rosé and port-style fortified wines.

Mourvèdre tends to produce tannic wines that can be high in alcohol. The style of wine produced from the grapes varies greatly according to where it is produced, but according to wine expert Jancis Robinson Mourvèdre wines often have wild game and/or earthy notes to them, with soft red fruit flavors.[2] According to wine expert Oz Clarke, young Mourvèdre can come across as faulted due to the reductive, sulfur notes and "farmyard-y" flavors that some wines can exhibit before those flavors mellow with age.


The growth of wineries opening up in the Valle de Guadalupe has been accelerating year after year. From only 20 plus wineries to about 100 in just a few short years!

LA Cetto also happens to be the largest wine producer of all of Mexico and 90% of all wine produced in Mexico comes from this region.

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LA Cetto Wine Tasting Mourvèdre

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