Message In A Bottle For Guinness Book of World Records

Message In A Bottle For Guinness Book of World Records

Message In A Bottle Found – Guinness Book of World Records

I came across an interesting article today that reported the oldest message in a bottle was found and set a new record for the Guinness Book of World Records. In the video I said that the message in a bottle was 93 years old. Correction, it is 98 years old!

This message in a bottle was part of a Fascinating study. The bottle was one of 1,890 bottles released on June 10, 1914, and the 315th to be entered into Captain Brown's log, which is still kept and updated by Marine Scotland Science in Aberdeen.

This story brought up in my mind an interesting comparison to how we send messages out in life today and how it can affect us.

Have you ever felt that you've giving out a few messages in a bottle? I think we do it in or personal and business life much more than we think. Even more interesting is that I think more so we feel that we are the message not the messenger. We may think that it's not the bottle that is being thrown out there into the cold ocean, it's us. 

When we let our voice out and be heard, many of us feel that we are throwing ourselves out into that cold ocean, feeling isolated, cold and alone.

Wow, just writing that put a vision of  being at some desolate tundra in the north.

But don't worry, that's not where we are at!

We are here, right now, you and me. Maybe in our house or out with some friends, and not in the tundra. We cannot get caught up in perception of where we think we are, we need to look at where we want to go and take the  next step.

Message In A Bottle For Guinness Book of World Records

Here is a Message In A Bottle For Guinness Book of World Records

A Mentor of mine once said while he was speaking up on stage during a company conference that I was a part of years ago, he said, "Whoever holds the microphone makes the most money, period." That was Eric Worre, an amazing business builder and personal development leader.

He has an awesome resource site for network marketers, Network Marketing Pro.

Now getting back to what I was saying. Being that in this day and age, with our technology, everybody has a microphone to the world with them 24/7 (iPhones, etc.). Since whoever holds the microphone make the most money, then why is it that there are so many broke people out there? In some cases these broke people own nothing but the clothes on their back and that golden microphone sitting in their pocket!

Comparing with the oldest message in a bottle for Guinness Book of World Records, it's clear that the latest paradigm shifts in our new technological world has evolved extremely fast. So fast that many of us are not fully conscious of all of our new possibilities.

Have we become so afraid to taking the first step in this new era of connection? Are we afraid of the transparency everyone is talking about? Why not the next step, the step after that, to keep on walking, then start running towards our new possibilities?

It's overwhelm and confusion that plagues our progress, the analysis paralysis. Getting clear on what you want, visualizing what you want constantly and taking consistent action toward that vision has become more difficult these days and requires steadfast focus and commitment.

Now getting into a cold bath or a hot tub by sticking your toe in the water and inching your way in, never works. Inching your way in takes to much time and it's painful. Hot or cold doesn't matter,  you know it's uncomfortable getting in, but once you're in, it starts to feel good. The water begins to sooth sore muscles or completely relax your body. Much like how a big commission check would be soothing to your bills and your lifestyle.

Just as with getting into the hot or cold water, jumping all into your business is how to get where you want to go much faster than just inching in. You have to go all in right away! Go all in and do a 90 day challenge for yourself in your business. You will be amazed on the great results you will get!

Think about it, when you're in lukewarm water, what do you do? You don't do shit. You are comfortable in lukewarm water and you don't do shit! You just lay there like a beached whale, enjoying your little comfort zone.

Laying back on your laurels is ok sometimes, but much less at the beginning. We have got to get some momentum and a system in place to sustain the movement in our business. For it's only from the actions we take today, right now, outside of our comfort zone that will let us grow and get us where we want to be tomorrow.

So stop waiting for your message in a bottle to return with any answers, the wait could be way too long. Go All-In, right now and I will see you on the beaches of the world.

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