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PeachFur Wholesale Fleece Blankets

Well it's cold again and it's going to get colder! I was hoping for an Indian summer, but that didn't happen, so I just dug out all of my blanks from the linen box in storage. I pulled out a chenille blanket, a real nice, shiny, navy blue blanket, but it feels to cold to the touch on a cold night. I pulled out some bed sheets, Egyptian cotton, soft and smooth, but to thin, zero insulation. I also found out my green cotton Brazilian beach blanket with tassels. A heavy, durable, yet soft  6'x6' blanket that help me keep sand-free on Ipanema Beach in Rio de Janeiro. Great beach memories using that blanket, but It's cold-ass in here now and we're not in Copa anymore Toto, we're back in Kansas!! I couldn't find what I was looking for,…where was my thick and heavy, warm and cozy fleece blanket?!!! I could have sworn that it was in there with all the other blankets?

On my way to the market, I had a flashback of leaving my PeachFur Fleece blanket at a friends house which I had stayed at the year before. The place was like a community lodge in Mammoth Lakes, California and what ever is left in the community area (where I slept), finds a new owner. Whoops!! I told my girlfriend about this killer fleece blanket that I had and that I'd grab it to keeps us warm during the winter months. Now that it's gone, what do I do? I Remembered about wholesale fleece blankets. 

 PeachFur Fleece has delivered top quality fleece products to clients including: Mammoth Mountain Ski Resort, Intrawest Resorts, hospitals, businesses, retailers, and government service groups. They also make great baby fleece blankets.PeachfFur Fleece Baby Blankets

I put a call out to them and ordered a Zebra print fleece blanket.Zebra Print

(my girlfriend Loves the animal prints, she's quite the animal herself!)

They make fleece jackets too. PeachFur Fleece Jackets

PeachFur Fleece is a great source for getting great family gifts during the holidays or corporate gifts, keep you workers warm!!

Go to and have a warm holiday season.

Merry, merry, happy, happy!!!

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Sandro Marino - Dual Citizen, Multilingual, World Traveling Serial Entrepreneur, Concierge, Speaker, Coach, Blogger, Health & Fitness Guru, Expert Snow Skier, Surfer & Beach Lover

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