The Sao Paulo Airport Transfer

The Sao Paulo Airport Transfer

The São Paulo Airport Transfer wasn't bad at all! It was easy to pick up our bags and check them into the next plane we were transferring on to. We only had a 2 hour layover which gave us enough time to have a Chopp (Brazilian draft beer) and piu-piu / passarinho (2 names for Brazilian chicken wings, Yum!).

I must say though that the customs hospitality between entering Canada and entering Brazil was like night and day!

The Sao Paulo Airport Transfer

The Sao Paulo Airport Transfer Tip

Even though I have Argentine citizenship and Brazil and Argentina are rivals in many ways, the Brazilian customs officers were still welcoming vs. the rude Canadian officers. I don't like to speak badly about them, but aside from being talked to like bad little children, we witnessed some uncalled for verbal abuse to another person, who was just asking questions. It definitely wasn't a good first impression on entering Canada. 

Attitude is Everything in The Sao Paulo Airport Transfer

I also wanted to share in the video, how your attitude when entering another territory can affect whether you get a good write up on your stamp from the customs officer or not. Watch the video to see what I mean.

Tight Quarters on The Sao Paulo Airport Transfer

The last 30 seconds of the video show how it is in the lavatory at 35,000 feet :)

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