Turkey Day, My Waist & the Holiday Diet

Hello my fellow holiday gluttons,
I hope you had a great Thanksgiving day and stuffed yourself with the good stuff! I have a new game I play on this holiday; How much turkey, stuffing, creamed corn, yams and cranberry sauce can I eat and how much weight can I put on during this feast?! 
Odd, I know, most people are so worried about how much weight they'll put on during the holidays, but I like to have fun with it. As the old saying goes "Eat, drink and be merry.", so I do, why work against an old tradition of good living? I know that a couple of days through the holidays aren't going to ruin me, because on a regular basis I eat very healthy, work out and drink plenty of water, not eggnog. 
Diets Don't Work, Lifestyle Changes Do! Have you ever seen a fat Olympic swimmer? You never will… because they have a lifestyle that keeps them slim. Guess what? Very small changes in your lifestyle give you the freedom to eat what you want and have the body you want. To find out what the New Lifestyle Secrets are for guilt free holiday feasting go to The Diet Solution.
Happy feasting!

Author Sandro Marino

Sandro Marino - Dual Citizen, Multilingual, World Traveling Serial Entrepreneur, Concierge, Speaker, Coach, Blogger, Health & Fitness Guru, Expert Snow Skier, Surfer & Beach Lover

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