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I just spent the last few days on an all expense paid trip to Phoenix, Arizona for a special event that was hosted by Vemma. This company truly takes care of their Brand Partners and is putting out some Killer promotions, like Free BMWs and trips to the Mayan Riviera!

So many people wonder "How Do I Start a Home Based Business?" Well the Auto Pilot Marketing system is a big way that we're blowing it up! There is no Vemma scam here, I barely began working with them this year and they've already put up around $2,000 for me to attend the Go For The Gold Weekend, which included round trip airfare, transportation, hotel, food, drinks, training and a recognition dinner! I've never heard of any company doing so much for the newest people in the organization, they seriously put their money where their mouth is! And I wasn't alone, they covered the cost for another 219 people who qualified as well! Do the math, almost half a million dollars!!!

What is Vemma? It's an amazing Nutraceutical company that uses network marketing to spread the word.

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    Thank you for posting this review. Vemma is great!!!