What You Need on Fortaleza Flights

What You Need on Fortaleza Flightz

Here I wanted to share what I feel are some good carry-ons for a long flight.

The selected items here are of course my personal preferences, but the idea here is to show you that the little things can help you better enjoy a long journey. :)

Our Top Choices On Fortaleza flights:

What You Need on Fortaleza Flights - Godiva Chocolate
  1. High-quality Chocolate – You have got to make sure you that you have more than enough for you, your travel partners and a little extra to offer your neighbor sitting in the plane. It's just good travel etiquette, plus it's a conversation starter.
  2. Beef-jerky – Another satisfying treat that is not only tasty, but a great lean protein source is beef-jerky. It also helps keep the huger pains down between the airplane meals. With enough beef-jerky, you could even make it your meal replacement if you don't want to subject yourself to eating questionable air plane food! Again, make sure you pack enough beef-jerky for sharing, because sharing is caring! Plus, you can't crush it, it doesn't take a lot of space, it doesn't melt and it's practically non-perishable. So you can never have enough beef jerky during a long trip.
  3. Liquor & Mixer – Make sure you stop at the Duty Free store inside your terminal so you can take on-board a bottle of your favorite spirits and mixer. Choose your poison, we chose Crown and Coke.  
  4. A Great Attitude! – The benefits of being extra nice to fellow travelers and the customs agents while you're traveling to a foreign country can be invaluable. Don't be a rude douche bag and give other travelers a bad reputation to live down!

This should give you some ideas on some great carry-ons for your next long flight somewhere.

Oh, there's a funny little segment at the very end of the video so watch it through! 

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