Brazil Carnaval Queen

Win a RIO de Janeiro Vacation – Mastermind Retreat


Get 3 additional friends to book the 2013 New Year's trip to Rio De Janeiro vacation and the 4th ticket is FREE!

There is no better way to travel and have once in a lifetime experiences than share it with friends and a group of like minded entrepreneurs who may become the best of friends during the retreat. 

Life-long friendships and business partners have been created during our retreat adventures. There is no better way to deepen connections and build long lasting relationships with people than experiencing something extraordinary together.

So I encourage you to share the concept of going on a "Mastermind Retreat" experience with your social network and make this getaway not just vacation, but a relationship and business building experience with your peers.

See the details on the New Year's Rio de Janeiro vacation 2013

Brazil Carnaval Queen

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