What is your self-image?

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What is your self-image?

Today we will expand upon your self-image. It's such a critical component for us all to embody a healthy self-image, due to the fact that we cannot be something outside of our own self-image.

Self-image is the personal view we have of ourselves. It is our mental image or self-portrait. Self-image is an internal description of the characteristics of the self, including our intelligence, talent, beauty, selfishness, kindness, etc. These characteristics form a collective representation of our assets and liabilities as we see them.

What is your self-image?

How is your self-image developed?

Self-image is a product of learning from our experiences. Parents or caregivers make the greatest impact to our self-image. They are mirrors reflecting back to us a picture of ourselves. Our experiences with others such as friends, family and mentors add to the image of ourselves. The picture we see in the mirror may be a real or distorted view of who we really are. Relationships also reinforce what we think and how we feel about ourselves. Based on this view, we create either a positive or a negative self-image. The strengths and weaknesses we learn as children are internalized and affect how we act as adults today. After all, we are just grown children, literally and figuratively speaking.

We are continually taking in information and evaluating ourselves. How do I look? We have a mental image of our physical appearance. How am I doing? We have a performance image of our accomplishments and failures, especially when it come to career and making money. How meaningful am I? We have an inner sense of our capacity and value. With a positive self-image, we own our assets and aptitude while being realistic about our accountability and limitations. A negative self-image focuses on our faults and blemishes, distorting failures and imperfections.

Your self image is extremely important, because of how we think about ourselves directly affects how we feel about ourselves and how we respond to life situations. Self-image can determine the quality of our relationships with others. How we think and feel about ourselves influences the way we react or respond to life stressors. A positive self-image affects our social interactions, our mental and physical  health, our emotions and spiritual well being.

How can we create a positive self-image?

Self-image is not permanently fixed. It can be in flux, our self-image is electric and changing. We can learn to develop a healthier and more accurate view of ourselves, thus changing the distortions in the mirror. Self-image change is a process occurring your whole lifetime. A healthy self-image starts with learning to accept and love ourselves. It also means being accepted and loved by others.

Here are a few specific steps to cultivate a positive self-image:

  • Take a self-image inventory – what do you see right now?
  • Define personal goals and objectives – Be Specific and detailed
  • Set realistic and measurable goals- Long-term goals are tough to see quickly, so start with daily goals with the end in mind
  • Confront thinking falsification – separate what is really happening and what is just your perception
  • Identify childhood labels – Hey, they used to call me "Buffalo-butt" in elementary school, because my legs, etc grew faster than everything else. But now the girls love my skier's ass, so now it's a good thing! 😉
  • Stop comparing yourself to others – This is one of the biggest problems in society today.
  • Develop your strengths and stop trying to improve your weaknesses. I just heard a quote, and I could be wrong with who said it, so I'll leave out the credits. It goes like this, "If you spend your whole life strengthening your weaknesses, at the end of your life, you'll have really strong weaknesses." 
  • Learn to love yourself – I heard this from my grandmother, she said "Have peace with yourself." When I did that, much of the stress just went away.
  • Give positive affirmations – Write down a few positive affirmations and say them to yourself several times a day.
  • Remember that you are unique, one of a kind and beautiful!
  • Learn to laugh and smile – Life is too short not to.
  • Remember how far you have come – Stop, smell the roses and look back at what you've accomplished.

What is body-image?

Body-image is part of the self-image as well. Our body-image includes more than what we look like or how others see us. It also refers to how we think, feel and react to our own self-perceived physical characteristics. Body-image development is affected by cultural images and the influence of family, peers and others. A positive body-image contributes to enhanced psychological adjustment (less depression, positive self worth, life satisfaction, less interpersonal anxiety, fewer eating disorders). Distortions in our thinking contribute to a negative body-image.

How can we beautify our body-image?

Body images are not fixed either. Our bodies experience change as we grow older, and each stage in our life is associated with body-image markers of our past and now present. Building a positive body-image is a lifelong process. Changing our body-image means more than changing our body. It means changing how we think, feel and react to our body. Weight management and surgery are two ways to alter the body. Learning to have a positive relationship with an imperfect body increases the ability to lose weight. Surgery can be a catalyst for changing how we see ourselves. Extensive outside remodeling, however, also requires extensive inside changes in body-image.

Specific steps to enhance body-image:

  • Confront thinking distortions related to your body
  • Challenge misleading assumptions about body appearance
  • Explore your personal body-image with its strengths and limitations
  • Accept and love who you are
  • Be comfortable with your body
  • Have positive experiences with your body – Have Sex frequently
  • Be kind to your body with positive affirmations and good nutrition

Be good to yourself, be good to others and let you light shine my friends! 


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